DevOps Engineer

You have an aspiring idea for a product and look for a like-minded engineering team who could help you turn the promising concept into reality? You’ve already found one, as we invite you to build the future of technology with us! Aetsoft, an established provider of blockchain and business automation solutions, is looking for a bright-minded Product Owner with a keen eye for innovation. For our part, we guarantee you a full-scale infrastructure, including our expertise, financing, and all other resources you may need to implement your courageous ideas.

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Our Development team performs the full cycle of application development; it analyses project requirements, calculates costs and time for development, designs, develops, tests, and supports the application.

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As a part of the team, you will:

  • Analyze market needs and opportunities to shape the product development cycle jointly with the design and engineering team;
  • Act as the driving force of the product development cycle, fueling its every stage, from ideation and prototyping to post-release maintenance;
  • Create product-centric documentation, like vision, roadmap, specs, and functional requirements;
  • Look at the product from the customers’ perspective, deeply understanding their urgent needs/requirements, and establish priorities accordingly;
  • Connect with internal and external stakeholders to communicate your ideas;

You are a self-starter who is always ready to come the extra mile, achieve the best result, and do a bit more? Found yourself in the description? Then we should meet! Please, send us your CV so we can get to know you better.

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